Hot Stamping also called hot print or simply a thermal print. Decoration is created by pressing the hot stamp on a decorative multi-layered film and then putting it into the decorated element. With the use of various types of film, interesting results can be obtained. Metallized foils will achieve mirrored effects, pigment will ensure accurate coverage, pearl will give transparent decorations.

When to use it?

Hot stamping works well for decorating various plastic objects (cosmetics and medicines), interior furniture, where it is required to refine and give an elegant and prestigious
look to individual details.

What are the benefits?

  • Possibility of obtaining a metallic effect without making difficult metallization process
  • Elegant, effective print that increases the overall aesthetic product’s value
  • High print quality
  • Accurate, clear, durable
  • Possibility to fulfill small orders thanks to low unit cost
  • Fast production pace, which make the order complete in a short period of time