Screen Printing is one of the most common and universal printing techniques used. The printing form – silk screen, in a special photochemical process, gains printing and non-printing places, thanks to which a pattern is created on the surface by squeezing the paint through it. We use cutting-edge UV paints. They are more resistant to all kinds of solvents. This guarantees even greater durability and print resistance and can be used with a success for example for hybrid manicure cleaners.

When to use it?

Screen printing works on many raw materials, including paper, films, plastics, metals or glass. It can be easily used on flat surfaces as well as on areas of various shapes like bottles.

What are the benefits?

  • Universal method for various surfaces (textiles, wood, plastics, glass, metal)
  • Possibility to print on items with sophisticated shape and volume
  • Very accurate, durable decoration, resistant to moisture, washing, UV radiation or mechanical damage
  • Very visible, expressive, saturated colors
  • Ability to create a 3D effect by obtaining a convex layer of paint