In Pad Printing technique, the image on the surface is transferred from the matrix with a silicone/printing pad. After the matrix has been prepared, it is placed in a machine and covered with paint. Then, the pad is pressed in such a way that the paint with the pattern is transferred to it and after that to the printed surface. In order to make professional and high-quality decoration in this technique, it is crucial to choose the right and high quality pad, matrix and paint.

When to use it?

The method works on many different surfaces – especially uneven or irregular ones. It is ideal for pens, pencils, car parts, key rings, watches and toys.

What are the benefits?

  • Clear, visible perfectly reflecting the original look of a given graphics (important for printing eg company’s logo)
  • Low price
  • Ease of use: pad printing can be easily printed on glass, plastic, wood or rubber